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This is a compilation album of my early songs and other material. All of the material was written/recorded from 2013-2016. All tracks feature "instruments" played solely by myself with the exception of track 4 which is a live performance.


released June 1, 2016

Leonardo Price, Cello [4]
Scott Martin, Classical Guitar [4]
Matthew Jaynes, Keyboard [4]
Stephen Campanella, Percussion [4]
Daniel Silver, Bass Guitar [4]




Patrick Coppola Montréal, Québec

avant-garde marxist tapes for generations to come

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Track Name: The Challenge
Track Name: It's Okay
I wanna go out on the riverside
And dream of a new love today
I wanna fly over the ocean
And drown these bleak feelings away
But really I wanna hold on
To the beauty I see in her eyes

It's Okay x3

The flowers look bright in their reds and blues
They make me feel just like I lose
I wanna lie down in the meadow
And find a new world with the truth
But when I come across this flower
The only thing for me to choose

It's You x3

It burns like a cut in these salty seas
When I know that you're all I need
I wanna hear voices of happiness
And rise to the surface; it's where I can breathe
But when I get inches away
It stings again from the place I bleed

For You x3
Track Name: Hi
Me: You can be like not that loud like... yeah.
Zach: Wait, I love you Patrick Coppola
Track Name: I Let it Happen (Live)
Alright so this is an original song... uh... so I'm just gonna start it.

Could I be laid to rest?
Could I be carried to bed?
Holding on's too hard.
When I hear the call of your voice.

I'm to tired to be true, strained from all I do, I've become so stuck
It all just blends to grey, all I say, the cold winds blew

Do they mean to make my days,
terms I need to reconcile with pain?
I float so far
From any distraught place I can call home.

I'm to tired to be true, strained from all I do, I've become so stuck
It all just blends to grey, expect no one else, the cold winds blew
Track Name: Wasted it All
Give me it all
I want you to go away

I'm just settled shade
For all you wanted for me
Track Name: Gesner Blues
I'm scared I vanish in the back of the room
But I know water flows from the top of the roof

Tuesday, I'm walking on the edge of the road
By Friday my thoughts rage aloof from home

Listened to hear what the cricket had said
Five months strong, I'm drowning in bed

So immersed along memory lane
I almost forgot when the moon will wane

I'll make someone care
What I have to say
Or play it off as all okay

Heartfelt lies of a broken mind
Have all been tried to make it on time
Track Name: Trance (Whistle)
Track Name: Bake
Big machines roar, up and down
Silver dreams could melt this town

And I always leave home because
Who would want to be where there's none?

And I know, I've been waking up
And I know, that it's not enough
And I know, that you like this place
Track Name: Capo on Three
Winter's gone
But I've been strong

I know I'm shady
But I'm misdated

These words are forbidden
And I've been ate up

And I know I'm crazy
But at least you're here with me
Track Name: Tape Experiment, Part 1
Track Name: CBD (Acoustic)
It echoed through the pine trees, what did it say?
There's pastoral plains for me, please hide away
Wait, I've been freezing on a cold blue mountain
Shepherds graze the sky, to look for the fountain

Hey, I won't go
Say bye, I'll touch the sky
On my own, and with no home
Hey, I won't go

Hey now, don't stare at me, what did you say?
Oh, you said nothing, sorry, I'll leave this place
Life in a fish bowl as if we're made holy
Life in a shallow box when you're my home
Track Name: Tape Experiment, Part 2
Track Name: Step (Off the Platform)
It seems today, it's pretty damn scary that
I'm one step forward to right back where I was a month ago
Just figure out, this empty complacency, that I know will never last the way it should; I'm led through, by myself

Just in a dream, the doors are always closed
yet, I can breathe

And yet I scream, to paint the endless skies
and broken scenes

When you're alive, it's never real, because you don't pertain to the strangely moving minds of my world
Track Name: (Tackamack) We Tried to Find the Tunnels
I didn't mind when you left me out on the porch
It was okay, much better than that old bed of thorns

I know, you sleep behind a rotten wooden door
You know, I feel so fine when I'm out there in the warmth

I know that the snow lingers and falls slow
I know that the rain, it falls cold
I'm here and I scream and I'm low
Track Name: Sweet
Track Name: Strange Leaves
I wanna go where my body doesn't
I wanna grow old, in a dream
Of skies painted so coarsely in magenta
A world coated in my sleepy seed
Rituals of cycling, a reflection on the TV
Or what can be seen

I don't wanna go and don't leave
What is snow in the winter?
You're the winner and you're mine

When we left here, it wasn't great
But it wasn't eight or nine or eleven...
And I don't know where else to be
Get me out and set me free
Oh wait, the realm is warm and washy
Distorted when your heart breaks
And the gas breaks, I woke up too fast
Keep me in the dream, it won't be long before...

I don't wanna leave
And I know I just need to come back to the place where it's so fucking real
Track Name: My Mind and My Body
I don't know why I treat the one
I love the most so poorly
You don't deserve this bitter pain
Of all I have conceived
I'd mutilate all of your care
Until your tears fall when I breathe

And I swear from now on
You'll be free from all contention
I know you float upon a sea
Of fear aforementioned
But please, just know I care still

Beneath the shade I'm beaten up
When you're not right there with me
And the bruises are of I
That have torn us so surely
And it's the wrath of loneliness
That without you all I see

And I swear from now on
You'll be free from all contention
I know you float upon a sea
Of fear aforementioned
But please, just know I care still
Track Name: Swell
(Improvised and Inaudible)
Track Name: Sailboat Sheets
Every night I feel, that each day is
Just a flashback of the worst one before this
I don't wanna fall but I can't tell if
Up or down is right side up when your here

And I, can't believe that you're sinking in my sheets again
And you lay here on the ocean, but you won't
Sail away with me... sail away.

The walls are looking bleak
And I dream that we're both just underwater in a hole
Well you know that's just how I really feel
And you strangle me with naked thoughts

And I don't know if, I can take you when
You're just lying there, I don't know you anymore
And you sail right by my eyelids
And you sail across my ocean of dreams
Because, these sailboat sheets, no one else has seen

In brief contemplation
For I know you'll still be there
In the end
I long fear... (inaudible)

Maybe you do too.
Track Name: A Farewell